Thursday, May 21, 2009

Work, work all day long!

Today I headed to the BEAD shop, picked up a few new findings and other "necessities" and headed home to WORK. I designed several new pairs of earrings, got some new ideas for a couple bracelets, photographed some new items, listed them on Etsy and worked SUPER hard on devising good descriptions, promoted in the forums, re-listed some things...and then did laundry and cleaned the kitchen in the middle of all this. I'm still sort of poking around Etsy promoting myself, reading up on articles...but it is soon time for me to make some din din, fold up the last basket of laundry, and **sigh** maybe make the soap I meant to do today? Grrrr. I TOTALLY missed my yoga class...too busy to drive all the way down to the gym. So I will probably just pop in a video here at home and do some "relaxing" of my own. Lord knows I should...I have a hard time focusing lately, though. Instead of focusing on my breath during yoga, I focus on Logan rolling around in my belly, making one side stick's like helloooo I am trying to relax here and you choose now to wake up? And he's not even out yet...oh sheesh.

So I came up with this AWESOME new idea. I am designing a new line for my shop. TripleL Chakra Collection. Chakra's different colors all mean something different...and I think it is a fantastic idea to create jewelry out of these different colors. People can choose whichever color speaks to them at the moment and wear that jewelry! It's extremely inspiring and spiritual, and I believe in it. Yellow = optimistic, alert, confident...great color to sport when you want to portray a good-humored aura. Green = compassion and generosity. Is that why I love green so much? ;-) Anyway, my shop has new Chakra Collection items up, and more will be coming soon, so take a look! Just go here:

I also listed new soaps! So browse through those as well!

My fave TripleL Chakras so far are the ones pictured above.

Boy, Logan has not stopped moving all DAY. I definitely am guilty of going through the baby stuff on Etsy - so many cute things out there! As this last trimester draws to a close, I may have to buy some little goodies. I have been really good about NOT doing that, as we have gotten a ton of stuff from friends. But...I want to choose some things myself! The blanket category gets me every time, I LOVE handmade blankies! I came across this one:

Adorable! Perfect for a little guy! So, props to snugabugblankets, what a cute little Etsy shop!

Soooo it's about that time, must make dinner now. Before I get the "what's for suppah?!" question. Haha.

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