Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Gooood morning! I have been really messing around with my blog, so it may look a little different. Also, my featured Etsy seller for the week is in the sidebar to the right - what a fantastic shop! I will be doing a weekly feature of an Etsy shop and will get it posted either Sunday or Monday of each week. This weeks featured shop drew me in with the soaps! I will definitely be buying some skin care from the shop - take a look here. They have soaks, oils, creams, you name it. At a great price, too! After looking through this shop and many others, it is safe to say I will probably buy most of my soaps/skin care off of Etsy from now on. No more store-bought junk with chemicals. Since I started making and using my own soap, I have noticed a huge change in my skin. Any irritation I had went away, and it is overall smoother and softer. Plus you feel special using pretty soap ;-). My current favorite face soap is the lavender soap I made (pictured).

I got ZERO sleep last night. Yesterday I jogged/walked three miles and biked for 20 min, then helped Mike in the yard and clean out the garage. My back was in so much pain I just couldn't get comfy. Slept on the couch, booo, and woke up at about 5:30AM when he went to work. Grrr. I soo want to take a nap but I am meeting people to go swimming soon...maybe I'll just lounge around and read my book and splash in the water, rather than swim laps. Sounds nice, it's a gorgeous day out today.

I snapped more pictures of some new jewelry this morning so I will list those this afternoon, and I started working on a mosaic mirror as well. Not sure if I will keep it for myself or list it in my shop. We'll see how it comes out.

Time to rouse myself and get to the pool. Yeah, will definitely plan on just sitting on my butt!

I tend to post pictures of items I like, SOOO I decided I will do a regular "Favorite" for each post I I found this printed french market bag that I LOVE. I love bright colors and this bag just jumps out at you. You could use it for anything...beach bag, shopping bag, purse...whatever. The picture is below, and click here to get to the Etsy seller's shop!

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