Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Creating Wire Wrapped Rings

Part of my Wednesday was taken up by wire wrapping rings! I'm not a master wire-wrapper, but I found it pretty easy to create cool, unique rings to wear! I love rings, and so the idea of creating new ones for myself to wear got me all giddy. After I finished the first one I almost jumped up and down. Then I made a couple more just to try and perfect my skills...still working on that I think! If I keep making these, they will most likely end up as gifts for friends/family. And quite possibly in my Etsy shop if I believe the quality is good enough. I made a few with silver wire, but I really want to get a few made out of the copper wire I have laying around. It'll be a little something different. Sooo anywho, I got the great idea from this great blog I stumbled across - nice little tutorial on how to make rings. Love having new projects to do! So as of now I create earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Next up are anklets - HELLO. It is summer, too, so people can wear them all the time. LOVE love anklets, so maybe next post I'll have some new anklets to show all of you.

The fact that I have time to tinker around in all sorts of crafty media is great, and I wonder what will happen once we have this baby? I wonder if I will just let it get away from me, and my craft area (ahem, guest bedroom) will become dusty and forgotten? I hope not. Maybe for a little while it will, but you people need to help me stick to it! Tell me to jump back on the bandwagon if I fall off! That being comes first, and especially a new baby. :-) So, if I fall behind and you don't hear from me for a bit? No worries, I will be around again to give you all the new info on my new life - if I don't go off my rocker.


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