Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Food for thought

I have come to a realization that you don't just have to sell your products to become successful, but that there are other mediums to explore as well. Such as teaching. I personally love teaching. Of all kinds. I have taught many things in my years (and I'm not all that old...). A brief background of me: I have ski raced my whole life...from when I was about 3 yrs old up through college and beyond. I raced for University of Massachusetts-Amherst, made it to Nationals all four years, and made All-Conference teams my last two years. I then went on to coach ski racing at the mtn. where I learned to ski. I also have taught swim lessons to babies all the way up to competitive athletes. I have helped out at triathlons...giving advice...giving support. I have worked at a pre-school "teaching" 4 year olds. It may not be algebra and reading, but they need to be taught basic fundamentals! Teaching, to me, is a joy. It is so much fun to help people learn...especially about something you love!

Teaching jewelry classes would probably be a lot of fun. Kids love to learn, but so do adults. I can see having fun teaching all ages. Art class in middle school was always fun for me, but I fell off the bandwagon in high school and college and focused on sports. Now that I have time to create things on my own, I am remembering how fun it is. This great article on Etsy - If You Know It, Teach It! - is totally helpful and right on the money. Check it out! It is rewarding work to teach!

Overall, I think there is a lot more to just creating your art/craft and selling it. You need to socialize about it, go to classes, research it, teach it, and most of all...enjoy it. When that goes away? Well, you're on a steep slide to destruction. Keep up all the hard work but have fun - and if teaching is what helps you do that, look into it! I know I will.

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Happy Tuesday lovely people!


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