Thursday, July 2, 2009

I did not sleep like a baby last night.

OMG. I got zero sleep last night. Between the struggle to roll from one side to the other, having to pee every hour (literally), back hurting, dogs barking outside, mouse being caught and squealing in our hallway (yes, we have a mouse in the house and it is sooo annoying), and my overall whale-like state, I did not sleep a wink. So. I got up when Mike left for work figuring I was all done trying to sleep for the night. Booo. Oh, and by the way, WHEN did I become a little baby when it comes to mice? We have one around, and I know if I see it come out I will jump on a chair and try to smack it with a broom. Not sure when I became such a pansy...I grew up with cats that brought mice in like it was their job. Somewhere along the line I have digressed. Ew.

For today: baby appt this AM, swimming, and Ron White tonight at Buffalo Thunder! Hahaha! Maybe I'll laugh this baby out, because seems to me he is happy as a clam in my belly. I KNOW he will be overdue, so maybe I can ask the doc to induce me on my due date? Huh? Huh? Yeah? Maaayyyybe? I highly doubt he will do that, unless I have some complications going on...which I haven't, so I'll probably have this little guy in there for at least another ten days. Grrrr. I should smarten up and relax, though, shouldn't I? Just a bad night's sleep talking.

So I found this blog, Barefoot Mommy, and the last post was on LilleBaby Carriers. I already have a Bjorn, which looks to be the exact same thing. I wonder if I will ever us this thing - looks cute, though! Can I look as cute and refreshed as the model in the picture? That would be nice!!
Okie dokie, have a wonderful day!



  1. You'll use the bjorn. For a few months anyway. Then on to bigger gear. Always more gear. I tried a sling, too, but little guy threw up in it, and I couldn't get him out fast enough. That was the end of the sling. I'm loving spying on you through FB and your blog. And can't wait for Logan to come into the world!

  2. Ok... that wasn't Clarke writing that. He wouldn't have been 'wearing' the baby in a sling while cooking... Love, Liz


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