Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I have a hiccuping baby

Napping with mom - is this really comfy?

My baby seems to hiccup a lot. Is this normal? It's like he is drunk off breast milk. I call him the "boob catcher", as he is always searching around opening his mouth, sucking his tongue...trying to find a boob ANYWHERE! There MUST be one out there somewhere! LOL. He is wriggling around in his boppy chair as we speak.

Boy do I hope this weight comes off fast. I lost about 20 lbs so far...15 when I got home and another 5 this past week. Now I am just left with a jelly belly. It goes down every day, but I know it will take work to get back to normal. I am hesitant to start any running, though. I want to make sure everything is healing well etc etc. Logan and I went for a walk/jog the other day, and it went alright. My lungs are obviously totally out of shape. My abs are also non-existent, which is a really odd feeling for me because mine were always pretty strong and defined. It's all soft now. WEIRD.

Mike and I are planning on a race in December in Tucson. He'll do the full marathon and I'll do the 1/2. So, that gives me five months from when Logan was born to get to where I want to be. I think I'll be able to do it. I probably won't start training for it for a bit, and just ease into it when I do. It'll be a nice "come-back" race for me hopefully! Finishing will be all that matters, this won't be for time. Granted-I have a hard time NOT racing for time, so we'll see. Mike is going to try and qualify for Boston again so we can head back there for the race next April. Boston, being THE marathon to run, has always been so accessible to us! It has been literally in our backyard and been able to watch the runners, so not being there the past couple years has been strange. I know he'll qualify easily because he is speedy :-)

Okay, enough for today, I'll bop back in eventually!

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  1. If you do any 1/2's in the new year let me know i'll def meet up if they are anywhere west of you.


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