Monday, July 6, 2009

Check out my new jewelry!

Two posts in a day?! Wow! So after my little rant this AM, I did some errands, totally skipped the gym, and came back here to work on jewelry. The better part of my afternoon was spent designing and putting together a few new things and taking photos. If I have time I will get a few of them listed on Etsy. We'll see how far I get, seeing as it is almost dinner time and I have yet to think of that little issue yet. So here are the newbies - make sure to check them out in my shop!
All of these new pretties available on Etsy!

I ended up watching Oprah and making some cute boxes out of scrapbook paper. Check these cuties out! If you want to learn how to make them just go here - great tutorial on Etsy on how to make them. I will probably use them on my desk for miscellaneous jewelry stuff - I have some rings in them right now. Great for gift-giving, packaging, or just for your own studio. They are super easy to make, and if you have left over paper just whip them into little boxes! So don't scrap that paper! Now, since I got distracted doing THAT - I have run out of time to list these new goodies. I'll try and get a couple up on Etsy tonight, if not, you can find them there by tomorrow morning!Cheers!


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