Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunny Monday

It's Monday, and my mom is coming into town tomorrow! She'll be here for about a week to see the little guy. Cleaned up the guest room/craft room/storage room/hmmmm....yeah. We really should get rid of the second desk in that room, it's small enough as it is. I can't see having more than one child in this house - we already are out of room. Granted, it's pretty typical to have swings and jumpers and strollers hanging around in the living room, I guess.

A little exhausted from being up with a hungry/cranky baby last night who acted like he wanted to eat, but when he got to the "site" would just play around. Of course, he is now zonked out. Why couldn't he do that last night? He's still in our room at night...I wonder when I'll feel the need to move him to his own room?

Went for a jog/walk last night with Mike and baby in the BOB. I think we were out for a little over an hour. It felt nice to move, but my lower belly is still a tad sore. I think it's just my abs hanging there...lifeless. Lol.

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