Thursday, July 9, 2009


With all this "waiting" time on my hands, I have really tried to touch on all sorts of artistic mediums. Yesterday afternoon I took out my pencils and pastels, and decided to try my hand at drawing. I'm not the best drawer, but not the worst. So, rather than free-hand it, I googled "learn how to draw". Personally, I love I found all sorts of good flower drawings to copy. With my sketch-pad and pencils, I set to work on some daffodils. Forty-five minutes later, voila! A pretty darn good sketch! I was so happy with the outcome, that I went to work on a rose. A couple hours later I had some pretty nice drawings of flowers! Two just wasn't enough, though. I'm thinking I will do four, and arrange them in some frames for a foursome. This A.M. I did some irises...and later on I will find something else to do. All different colors of course. Maybe some tulips of varying colors, orange and yellow? For now, though, this is what I have accomplished!

sites I found helpful were:



They are just very basic instructions on how to get started...I found that even after my first drawing I started adding shading and lines of my own. But these sites are a great place to start.

On a different note - I am off to a baby appt soon! MAN, I hope we have something more exciting to talk about this time! Like...if you don't have this baby by next Wednesday (four days after my due date) we will induce you. I need a date people! I am going nuts! Just totally uncomfortable.

Alright, have a wonderful day!


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