Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Amusing Wednesday

I just had a funny jaunt to my local bead shop - which I had never been to, so I am glad that there is one so close by! First off, it is hot as hell out so going outside was a feat in itself. I hopped in the hot car, blasted the AC, and headed down there. There were a couple cars in the parking lot, and I headed on in. It was my kind of shop because the two women working were laughing and joking around, super friendly, and a little sarcastic (which is me, all the way). One woman walked in and after a while she goes, "So when's that baby due?" I told her. And she was like "I saw you get out of your car and thought "oh God! She's gunna have that thing in the store!" Apparently, I look like I'm ready to explode. All the ladies were like, oh my, go home! What are you doing out! You're nuts! What's funny is I never thought twice about it. I was just bored at home! So I went out! Granted, I wouldn't mind sitting around guilt-free. Sooo...maybe I'll take their advice and just hang out until this baby comes! Ya know, make sure my hair is washed, everything is packed, and all is ready to go once this guy decides it's time to enter the world.

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