Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

I am just enjoying my day today. I only have a few left, so I am doing what I want and relaxing. Today has not been that eventful, haha. I got up and had some tea, did some laundry, and worked on a new project. We don't have many plates to eat off of, after having broken a couple, so I bought a new set of four. I am hand painting them, so I worked on that for a while and am taking a break now. They're dark blue and I am using pale green paint and painting a floral design on them. I found a pattern I liked, and transferred it onto my first plate this morning and painted it. Doesn't look too bad! They will probably become fixtures in our hutch, rather than in our kitchen cabinets. Picture of first one is below. Should I paint a border or just leave it as is?
Other than that I am just hangin' around in my PJs. I cleaned cleaned cleaned the house yesterday, but did not wash the floor. Ugh. Hate that job because there is SO much sand and dust here that they never really look clean after a washing anyway. I'll do it tomorrow, in the morning, before it gets too hot. The whole cleaning thing to go into labor hasn't been working, though! I was on my hands and knees washing the bathroom floors yesterday, and running around dusting and sweeping, and polishing the stainless steal appliances...but...NOTHING. No labor. And I feel pretty good overall, so at this point it's like, well...maybe I'll just be pregnant forever? Just kidding. I am due next Saturday. I have a feeling that won't happen though and that I'll go late. Pretty much betting on it. Boooo. However, I really am taking people's advice and enjoying my days now! How great is it to sit with a cup of tea and watch TV? Without any distractions? Pretty nice. Mike and I are going swimming tonight...it's been nice to do little things like that, and I can tell we are both making the most of it.

One thing I find weird is that I am trying to like, set up the house and constantly have things in place and clean. I always want NO laundry, so I pretty much do a little load every day or so. It's like if I get all things done now, I won't have any to do later. Which is so not true. There will always be laundry, there will always be a mess in the kitchen at some point, there will always be the everyday clutter of shoes and bags near the front door. I guess I am just trying to keep it all at bay and not let anything get backed up. At least for now, because I am sure it will get backed up pretty fast in the coming weeks.

So anyway, speaking of letting things get backed up, I am going to go take care of some things. Maybe work on the second plate...then meet Mike for swimming. Mmm so nice.

Happy Tuesday.

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