Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baby Shower...MORE Stuff!

I had my baby shower today! So basically, that means I have more stuff to find room for. Apparently this is going to be a never ending battle. I will always have stuff, I will get even more stuff, and when I think I can't find any more room - I will get even MORE stuff. People will give me their "stuff", I will stuff it in the closet, and hopefully use it at some point in my life. The house is quickly becoming smaller with the accumulation of our, well, stuff. All these, stuffed animals, baby clothes, baby jumpers, tummy mats, mobiles, tricycles (um, hello, he won't even be able to use this for another 2 yrs?!) Yep. We have it all. And we will only get more. Yikes. I honest to god have NO idea where we will store things...our guestroom looks like a storage room what with the bed, two desks, my jewelry and supplies, file boxes, the BOB stroller, etc etc. I hope no one needs to stay in there any time soon...they'd be better off at a nearby hotel.

The shower was great, though. Of course, it is great seeing all the ladies. What is funny is we literally "oohed" and "aahed" over every cute little onesie I unwrapped. Yep. So stereotypical but so true. Cute little boy things.

I love this gift - figure of mother, father and baby. :-)

In the spirit of all things baby-related, I looked through baby bedding on Etsy and found the CUTEST little blanket. Now, I know it is pink and that I'm not having a girl...but I can still think it's cute! Maybe, possibly, IDEALLY I will have a baby girl next. So anyway, the blanket is adorable, and you can visit the Etsy shop, Truly Bella! The shop is full of cute baby blankies, burp cloths, etc. so have a look!

Alright people, my baby-day is over...and that is something I will not be able to ever say again in the near future! Time to try and get some sleep, we'll see how that pans out. ;-)

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