Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am going blog, banner, Etsy crazy!!!

Ahhhhh! I have totally gone off my rocker, people!

I am sure you are all wondering if I have had an identity crisis. No, this is not so. However, I have changed my blog background and Etsy banner about ten trillion times over the past few days. I just can't DECIDE on any of them, because I love so many of them. So. I SWEAR, this is the end of my schizophrenia. No more changes, things will always be the same from here on out. For real.

The problem I have is that I appreciate so many different things. So many colors, fonts, designs, blah blah. My brain is like a tornado of smashed-together colors and designs...and I can never choose just one. But, for every one else's sake, I will keep things constant. No more confusion. When you come to my blog and Etsy shop, it IS still all mine. I have not moved away and gone nuts.

Oh, and speaking of being nuts - thanks so much for all your comments on my last post! MUCH appreciated, and so glad to know you feel my pain. Hahaha. It is actually slightly humorous (when I'm not in a raging MOOD, that is). So again, you are all great for sticking up for me.

So...today is cloudy and so-called "dreary" here in NM (um, I'm used to dreary meaning downpours in the Northeast...but whatever, it is what it is). I took all morning designing some new jewelry and putting it together, and have been listing every since. Again, I have too many ideas to ever get them all done. I am sure all of us artists/designers/creators will never be "done" with our creations. That is the way we are! It is never-ending, but so much fun. I am so much happier being artistic than sitting at a desk doing monotonous work. I worked for AT&T until recently, and boy am I glad to be done with THAT. Those kinds of jobs truly do turn your brain to mush. Will NEVER do that again.

Moving along here! In case no one knows, I have an earring fetish. Besides loving to make them, I love to look at and buy them. It is a disease. Check out these cool green turquoise earrings- pictured below - from the Etsy shop Island Girl Designs. So cool. The shop is pretty sweet, too, so pop in and have a browse around.
And as for some new things of my OWN....you can see them all at my shop! See below for a sneak-preview. Some aren't in my shop yet, but will be...
Oh. And ONE more thing. Check out this quilt my friend and her mother-in-law made for me (or, Logan, but whatever). It is ADORABLE.
Okay, enough for now. I'll see you all next time.


  1. Don't feel bad, I did the same thing on my blog this week, but I ended up putting it back exactly like I had it first. Oh well, so much for a change. lol

  2. I changed my banner on saturday which made me have a fit and redo the entire website. I think its normal to do things like that, especially when its a shop!


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