Friday, June 19, 2009

Wish List Friday

Happy Friday all! Another week has passed...I am in countdown mode these days, so if you all get annoyed at how I check off the days, well, it will be over soon. Just waitin' on this baby.

If we ever move to another house (which we will), I will be SO excited to decorate it. The house we are in now is very generic. We live in an area where all the houses are similar, so it's hard to make your own seem personal. I've hunted down furniture, art, etc. to fill the inside with character. If I had an unlimited budget to makeover a room or several rooms I would be in heaven. Don't those designers on HGTV have it good? What an awesome job to have. So, I browsed around Etsy for some finds that I would buy if I could, and created a short wish-list. What do ya think?
I love the idea of working with different wood to encompass different colors in a room - it makes it seem extremely organic. Light and airy rooms are a must...I like white bed covers and furniture (however unpractical they may be...) My husband, unfortunately, leans toward dark woods with traditional yet clean lines. I'll have to work on him, as I do go for cleaner lines but don't go for the dark and drab look.

~~Father's Day is Sunday! Mike keeps reminding me that he IS a father-to-be, so we must celebrate. I think I will drag him to Art in the Park first, and then we can do whatever he wants. He made me volunteer at a triathlon on Mother's Day! (when I much rather would have been racing in it - so depressing). Art in the Park features all the artists in the Corrales area, I can't wait to go see their jewelry and other goods!

Alright, time to get going. I slept in way too late today, and was dreaming crazy dreams. They all have baby-related things in them - is that a sign? Haha. Have a great weekend all! I may check back in.


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