Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey all! I set up a facebook fan page for TripleL, so take a look! If you want, just go down the right column of this blog, and "facebook" me. My fan page is located in the "info" section, under "pages." Or, try going to this link. It is, of course, minimal for now as I have not gotten much on it. My personal facebook page is much more impressive, haha. Be my friend through that as well, if you want. ;-) I like friends!

Some new things to add to my shop...what do you think?
I like silver and blue ALL the time. Blue is my favorite color. So, I had to go out the other day and I was searching for a pair of really simple earrings to wear...I didn't have anything so I just made these blue glass dangles! They are simple yet with a splash of cool color.

The necklace came to me later on that night. I wanted something that was delicate but with a cluster of dangling beads...and this is what resulted! These are things that I would wear, and I like to create things for my shop that I love. If you don't create what you love, who will love what you create?

Driving around a few days ago, I snapped a few pictures of my surroundings. I'd like to show you all that New Mexico does in fact have greenery! Flowers! Trees! ::Gasp!:::

See? Some roses (with the Sandias as a backdrop-not bad), some flowers, and more roses around a house.

On that note, have a lovely evening.

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  1. How fun! I love seeing that New Mexico does have flowers :) The necklace and earrings are gorgeous! Keep creating what you love, because it is the only way to make it not feel like work! And it's lovely! Haha!


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