Friday, June 26, 2009

A Rainy Afternoon Here!

Well, at least for a little while. It is monsoon season here, so that means our afternoons are usually plagued by thunderstorms that come and go. Today we got a good one! It is POURING! And I love it.

I got up super early this morning, and researched some jewelry sites and magazines to find where I can submit pictures of my work. I then sat down for a good two hours to work on a new necklace and pair of earrings. The lighting wasn't so great, but I attempted to take some photos as well. It really sucks because my house just doesn't have the greatest light pouring windows must not face the right direction. It's frustrating! So, I do the best I can. I never knew I'd become a photographer, too! I'm so multi-talented. Anyway, here are a couple of the pics!
I love Etsy and all, however I am looking for other venues to showcase my work - hence looking to submit it to different magazines. Why not? It's really hard to get publicity because the jewelry niche is such a HUGE one. We all get lost in it! That doesn't mean that someone's work is poor, it's just harder to find them. I think we all work very hard at our craft/art! We must all remember that we love to do it, rather than let it become a burden. I know sometimes I get sucked into "working it" online, when really I should be at my desk working on new designs.

Also, as of late I have been on a major budget when it comes to supplies. I REALLY want some jewelry displays, though. So, I found some fun DIY ways. I'm sure we've all researched this, but my favorites include this cabinet display, and this easy necklace holder. I already made one out of mesh, where I hang my earrings. I am going to frame it with an old wedding frame we have left over because it's pretty!

I just got a call that my dogs escaped the yard during the thunder/rain. They are such babies! And such a nuisance...ugh. Gotta go pick them up at the neighbor's. Have a wonderful wknd! Signing off for now...

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