Thursday, June 11, 2009

My dogs are lucky they are alive.

Just a camping trip last summer...Brandy (brown and front and center) is always at dad's feet.

These dogs should be dead right now. If it hadn't been in the middle of the night (12:30 AM) I would have taken 'em out back and....(okay jk). But really. Mike went to bed early because he had to get up at 4AM for a run, so I was up watching TV then tinkering with some new jewelry ideas. I go to bed around 12:30 (I know, late, yadda yadda yadda), open our bedroom door and am hit with a wall of lovely puke smells. Both dogs jetted out of the room, so I am still unclear as to who the culprit is. It was EVERYWHERE. All over the bed, projectile onto the foot-board, all over the floor. Disgusting. So, in my pissed off state I cleaned it all up (I won't get into the consistency of it etc...however, I felt like throwing up myself). Stripped the top blanket off and threw it in the wash, banished the dogs to the garage, and went to sleep in the guestroom. I was not sleeping in that pukey bed, plus it smelled gross. I don't know HOW Mike didn't notice the smell, or the probable dry heaving of the dog who was on the bed. Yek.

Aside from that, one of them had already had and "accident" in the garage earlier that day. So. My case rests. I have said over and over again that the dogs are no longer going to be treated like kings and queens. Seeing as we live in the desert basically, our house is a constant sand-pit from them trekking around. Dog hair, sand, dirt, puke and dog crap are not welcome in this house anymore. Especially with a baby coming. I don't want Logan crawling around in that? Mike is hard to deal with because he always slept with Brandy in the bed before he met me, haha, and then she got replaced. He is strange... he loves the dogs one minute then wants to boot them to the moon the next. Long story short? These dogs will have a new home soon - the great outdoors. I love dogs now, come on...but I have better fish to fry these days.

Ahem! On a lighter note - I got some baby clothes washed yesterday and will do more today. People say they wash it all before the baby comes...but then as they get more clothes they just slap 'em right on the little guy or gal w/o washing...I'm sure I'll fall into that category. Unless he shows some blowout of an allergic reaction (I hope he's not one of those kids...who sees a peanut and his throat closes up. Uggghh). I'm starting to like, waddle. I didn't think that day would come. It's not too bad, more like a way to lean back and keep all that weight from making me fall flat on my face.

Alright, time to get myself together here! Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like your dogs can be a handful.

    Good luck with your new little blessing:)

  2. Oh my, my cat did that once right before bed and i almost tossed her in the pool to sleep.

  3. thanks for sharing this great story :)
    You have beautiful dogs .

  4. Gorgeous!!!! I love all the colors!


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