Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10K results

So I ran my 10K on Sunday, and it was great! The Run for the Zoo in Albuquerque had 11,000 runners. 11,000!? Crazy. I had never done this race before, and I'll say that considering the amount of participants, it was a very well run race. Being that so many people partake, the first couple miles were pretty dense and I found myself dodging and weaving. It never truly thinned out, but at least got easier to run. My time was 50:39...which I actually was surprised by because that's what I crossed at, and I know that it took a while for me to cross the start line so I thought I would have possibly broken 50 minutes...so I'm not sure what happened there. So, I guess I would have LOVED to break 50 min, and that will just be my goal for the next 10K. I know I can do it. It was a great race, though, and Mike stayed with Logan and another husband with his kids while we ladies ran :-) Good husbands we have :-) Since I had never run a 10K before, I wasn't sure how to set out for this one. I probably could have started out faster, but I didn't want to burn out and die by mile 6. My splits were negative, though, by a lot. I didn't take them myself, but at each mile they yelled out your time. From what they said, I figured I was running around 8:30s at the beginning, and the last couple of miles were under 8's. Overall pace of 8:05. I'm pretty happy with that. My PR 1/2 Mary was at 8:12 pace sooo....I'm not toooo far off. Now I'd like to see what I can run a 5K at! Under 24 minutes would be nice!

On another note, I am about a month away from our cruise. Aaaand I am worried about getting into a bathingsuit. More specifically, my mid-section. I'm pretty much being OCD about it, though, because it's not really that bad. I do want to diminish some of it, though, but how? Any suggestions? I have just been running/lifting/swimming, so I believe it's time to switch it up. Any one use the P90X workouts? I have been researching them for two days now, and they seem like they have phenomenal results. I have never been one to use workout videos, but these intrigue me. Do I want to shell out the cash for them, though? I found used ones on Amazon for under $100, so I may go that route. If you have personal experience with them I'd love to hear about it.

Alright, it's another day so enjoy it! I'm going to finish up some coffee/breakfast and get some yoga in at some point this morning. Have a good one!


  1. Yay for you on the race!!

    Enjoy the cruise!! I do lots of crunches using a stability ball. Love the way it tones the lower abs. I'm sure you already look killer in your suit though.

  2. Great job on your first 10k! Sounds like you ran a smart race. Awesome.

    I have a feeling you probably look better than you think/feel in your bathing suit. I would love to have a cruise waiting for me in a month!

  3. way to go on finishing another race!!

    I think we are all probably a little too hard on ourselves when it comes to swim suits


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