Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We workout fiends DO like being called crazy.

View out of our back door at Gateway Canyon

So...the mini-vaca was to Gateway Canyon Resort, in CO. It was cool, but weird. Totally out in the middle of nowhere, they were understaffed, and the spouse sprained his ankle pretty badly from falling off a cliff (literally). Sooo...overall it was fun, with a few bumps in the road. But now I'm back! And detoxing and getting back on training schedule. As of right now, I started my Olympic training schedule for the next 7 weeks until the Cochiti Triathlon here in NM. I'm actually following the one in the book The Woman Triathlete, by Christina Gandolfo. So I'll keep you all updated on how it's going!

Today - biked an hour (inside) and ran 20 minutes
Tomorrow - swim 45 minutes. I am too lazy to let you in on what the workout IS, so too bad.

Back to the mini-vaca, though...I thought I'd run this by you all. The vaca was really a meeting for the shareholders of my husband's company. We were in CO, surrounded by hiking/mountain biking trails, swimming, atv'ing, white water rafting...and every one at this said meeting sat around the pool ALL day EACH day drinking beer (or Crown or wine or tequila...) In my mind, I'm thinking, what a bunch of fat lazy ****s!! Is that totally mean? But really, what a weird place to bring people who don't work out. Mike and I (and Logan) took advantage of the activities until he wrecked his ankle, and they named us "fittest couple of the weekend".

Isn't it funny how some people see us as being off our rockers? I love being called nuts.


  1. The people sitting around the pool drinking beer are the one that are nuts for letting life pass them by. Sadly the US is about 80% lazy people. Since I'm surrounded by friends that are active my view gets skewed and I forget that we are the rare few that have an active lifestyle.

  2. My family and friends all think I nuts...and yes, I love it.

    I am going to Colorado Springs in July. I can't wait. Looking forward to visiting the Olympic Training Center.

  3. My husband and I would have been right there with you taking advantage of the activities. But, we probably would have sat by the pool too, after our long hike of course! :)

  4. Any one else see where I spell-checked and left it all highlighted? What a dope.


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