Monday, May 10, 2010

Tired Monday, new tri suit, and things to be happy about!

Today is a windy day here in NM. What else is new? It dies down as May progresses, though. This means no run outside - unless I want sand in my eyeballs, which I don't. Yesterday was the Jay Benson Tri...I did not get to do the entire thing as I didn't sign up in time, however, I did finagle a spot on a team. So I got to run. And I got to run in my new tri suit. I know, I wasn't biking or swimming is just so comfortable! Can't wait to use it for REAL. Anyway, I don't have an official time on my run, and of course I forgot my watch that morning soooo I am at a loss for how fast I went. I felt pretty quick, however. I'll let ya know once I find the results.

Last week was a tough week for various reasons. And now we are all sick. Bleh. Hate having a clogged up nose. So this morning I am feeling a little tired and sluggish and blaaahhhh.

However, things to be thankful for AAAARRRE:

- vaca next week from Thursday-Sunday with spouse's company (he'll have one day of meetings, and then the rest are just play time - but they are keeping the location a secret. AGH! How can I PLAN without knowwwwing!?)

- cruise! I will miss Logey :-( But this will be good for spouse and I to get away for a bit. I think we need a much needed break from reality. Any one else feel that way?

- work is over on May 28th for the summer! So Logan and I can head on out to the park/pool/trails whenever we want! I may put him in a baby swim lesson with a friend and her 1 yr old...not sure about that one yet, though. Seems pointless when I used to teach every level of swim lessons known to man...but what's 40 bucks to have some extra fun with friends, right?

- spouse (why do I use the term "spouse" instead of "husband"...?) is getting all the p90x videos from someone at work today! YEY!!! Looking forward to new workouts, because I am totally getting bored and sort of plateauing.

- I am planning a much-needed trip back to New England for July, I think. I wasn't going to, but now I think I want to. It's about time to see the other set of grandparents (my parents) and all of my friends, etc.

- the view out of kitchen window, and little things like newly planted flowers in the backyard. More pictures to come once I'm done planting in our backyard. We've done a LOT back there this year...lots of sweat (no tears, but I might have wanted to at times) and hard work!


  1. Love the look of your new tri suit! Glad you got to do at least part of the race. Feel better!

  2. Dude! It's friggen windy here too! Let me know if you make the trip out here in July. I'll def come visit you guys. It's about time I meet Logan.

  3. Think you can make time in July to see lil' ol' me???? I need to see Logey too! I miss him to pieces!

  4. suit is excellent.

    Loving the photos.
    Can't wait to hear the p90x details!!


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