Sunday, July 22, 2012

Great day - 5 mile race, beer, and Bachelorette

OMG I was not ready for that 5-miler today. A - I have not been running much, let alone training for this thing. B - I've put on a few lbs (purposely) from doing more weight-training and of course, not running nearly as much. (to be honest, I look way better than I did before...was a little too skinny). C - I had a couple late nights leading up to the race, so THAT never helps!

This course was hilly, and described as "challenging" on the website. I handled the hills fine actually, it was just by mile 4 that I had some lactate build up and it didn't go away until well after I finished the race. Bottom line, I was not in optimal shape for this, and my legs told me so. They are still feeling like bricks right now. Which is crazy since I've run 1/2 Marathons and had way less of an effect.

Needless to say, I managed 3rd in my age group?! (20-29) I ran so much slower than normal. I typically can run a 40 minute 8K, today was 44:30. Yeah. SO MUCH SLOWER. If only I could have grabbed that first place trophy instead of the third place one, ahhhh well! :-) Seriously, though, I was surprised and super happy about it! What a great treat! Afterwards I hung around for a burger and free beer, shot the breeze with some fellow runners, mozied back to my car and actually stopped in at work to sign someone up for some new personal training. All in all, what a great day! Now, gathering with friends to watch the finale of Bachelorette. Get any better? Nah.
Photo: 3rd in my AG even tho i ran slower than normal. Woohoo!

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