Monday, June 18, 2012

I FINALLY got my bike fixed. I haven't actually been on it in almost 2 yrs...the summer in between Logan and Nick being born...and last summer after Nick was born there was no WAY I was getting on that thing! Plus, I don't know how I would have found the time. So this summer, it's up and running and looking pretty spiffy. I now just need to get some regular biking and swimming in so that I can manage to do a sprint tri this summer/fall. I'm way out of that kind of shape...not having been on a bike in so long will probably wake up some seriously dormant muscles. Well...I've been spinning a maybe not. We'll see! It will be tough getting rides in, since it's just me and the kids. I'll have to wait til times when they are with their dad. So that means I will really have to streamline my workouts. I'm not obsessive about my workouts, and I know if I get quality rides in then I will be just fine.

Can't talk much tonight, really must get in BED. Need to catch up on sleep that was lost this wknd!

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