Thursday, December 30, 2010

Enjoying some quality time together

Here's to hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas and will have a happy New Year as well.

This week has been great. Aside from cleaning the house, de-cluttering, and making it look open-house ready for people to view, Logan and I have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Not having work until next week when school starts back up, we have spent the mornings in my bed watching cartoons with coffee and a sippy cup of milk, Logan actually sitting between my legs and relaxing (which is not much like him at all), me reading a book off of my new Kindle. After a while we rouse ourselves and get to work on the day. Someone stopped by to see our house last night, and so I spent the entire day dusting, sweeping, shoving books and magazines in strange places. I've packed away a lot of things that we don't use frequently, away in bins in the garage. Summer clothes, regular clothes that I just can't wear anymore, our entire spare bedroom which has been converted into Logan's new room with his new race care bed. Although I've been on mission to get our house in order, I don't mind. It actually gets better as more gets cleaned, more gets put away...things seem more simple as I discard things to go to the Goodwill...and there is less stuff around. The process is actually meditative and soothing.

The days here have been gray for almost 2 weeks now, it seems, but I don't mind much because it is a break from the relentless, glaring sun and huge open skies. I feel more enclosed with this cloud cover, less vulnerable. I've gotten out for jogs/walks with the BOB when the weather permits and isn't too windy. I rarely go to the gym, and when I do, I only spend about an hour or so on the bike or treadmill and doing some light weights. If anything, by going there I give Logan some time to play with other kids in the daycare. Starting next week he will be back to seeing our friends' kids a couple times a week when we trade off babysitting for each other, and then a new boy and girl at a woman's house where he will go for just one day a week while I work.

For the next few days, though, we will continue to enjoy our time off, relax in the morning with no place to go, and savor the moments together.

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