Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pregnancy = Slow down

So, you know how when you're pregnant you can tell when you've ohhh just overdone it on a given day? That was me yesterday. No work, as school started today and I won't be working until Friday myself, but I ran around like a crazy woman. Babysat 4 children in the AM, came back to give Logan a nap and do laundry, make calls and take care of some issues (order tail light for car, make dr. appointments, etc), grocery run for inordinate amounts of fruits and veggies, off to gym to meet Mike and get in a (short) run, some eliptical, some light weights, and stretching. Back home to feed Logan, make dinner for me and Mike, and make a massive pot of soup for meals for the rest of the week. Take a shower, chat with Mike, say Happy Anniversary (our 2nd wedding anniversary :-) we already went out for it over the weekend), and get in bed. Oh and then get a pout from the husband when I didn't want to "cuddle". Lame. Sometimes I can't do it all, right?! But really, all was good, just a tad exhausted. It was the gym that did me in, and so today will be a non-workout day. Not like I can go anywhere, Mike took my car this AM because he lost his keys! Hopefully they turn up today somewhere...

So anywayyyy there is my story about yesterday. I have not been working out/RUNNING nearly as much as I did while preggo with Logan, and that is by choice. I think it is doing good things for me, as I need to keep myself in working order rather than exhausting myself from silly workouts. For now, it is for health and happiness that I workout, not high physical fitness. Although, I have been dreaming about triathlons and getting back into them...things to look forward to!

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