Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BDay Cake and Getting Ready for New England Vaca

Happy hump day!

Where do the weeks go? The days? The month of July? :::sigh::: Almost end of summer and then back to school/work mid-August. I can't say that I mind...I'm actually looking forward to getting back to work. I have my babysitting set up so that Logan will be w/ grandma and a friend on the 3 days that I work, so I'm not relying on daycare anymore. If I need to work an extra day I may have to find someone who will take him as a drop-in, but that shouldn't be difficult. Super excited that he will be spending time with people I know and trust, and that I will be saving the extra money!

We had his birthday party, which was a huuuuuge bash, over the weekend. Lots of people, lots of food, lots of craziness...and lots of cake. Someone needed an immediate bath. Check it out.

So darn cute. :-)

So, from one thing on to another. We have company coming for a couple days this weekend, and then I am leaving on Sunday for New England. Yeyyy! Just me and Logey, hubs can't make it due to work. We'll miss him a looooot. But it should be good to get away :-) We'll be up at my parent's lake house in NH, then down to MA for a while...and then possibly to Cape Cod to visit my Grammie. Maybe get in some beach time? Logan hasn't been to the beach yet, so that'll be interesting. If you can't tell from the picture, he is Mr. Whitey. We'll have to bathe him in SPF. But, as I sit here, I am realizing I only have 4 days until we leave...hmmm. It's not like I have to clean the house, because Mike will be here and well...wait a sec, what am I thinking. He won't clean the house. So looks like I'll have to do some maintenance cleaning before I leave. As far as packing goes, I won't have to bring a ton since I'll probably wear the same thing every day (you know how vacas go...), so the real project will be packing for the boy. Ah well. I have a lunch date today with a couple friends, so the packing can wait.

Annnnnd on to EXERCISE. YES I still do that. It has been 100 degrees here lately, so running outside has just been miserable. I ran 4 miles on Saturday and thought I was going to DIE. I poured sweat for an HOUR after I was done, which never happens. Yesterday I did 600-800-800-600-400 on the treadmill. I didn't have my watch on, but I started out at 7:24 pace for the first 600, cut down to 7:19 for the next 2 800s, and then cut down to 7:03 pace by the end of the 600. The 400 was at 6:45 pace. I know. Looks a little inconsistent. I was trying to get faster each time, and my conclusion is that I could have started out faster, around 7:15 pace and then gotten to just under 7 minute pace by the end. I like to start slow(ish) and finish stong. Anywhoooo, today will be ean easier day, as I also lifted yesterday. Feeling a little sore today. Maybe a little walk/jog with the stroller and some yoga.

Okay, have a good day!


Happiness Journal

I am soooo happy for vacas to see family and friends!
I am soooo happy for a good night's sleep (doesn't seem to happen anymore!)

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