Saturday, July 10, 2010

All over the place Saturday

Popping in for a quick minute here on this Saturday morning. I threw the kid in bed for a "nap", although it seems as though the napping part won't happen. The husband went out for a 2 hour ride and 1 hour run this morning, and just called me from his work to tell me he was alive. Apparently it was a little tough. He's trying to start building up miles and time for Ironman AZ 2011. It will be a big commitment, a lot of time spent away from home (when he already spends most of his time at work and training) it will be a lot to handle over the next year. Fine if we were single and childless, but that that's not the case. I am usually pretty good about giving him the time he needs to train etc...but I am struggling a little with this, as I know that it will be hard on all of us. I am trying to be understanding, and I really want him to train is butt off and do well so he can qualify for Kona. I'm behind him all the way, all the time. This will just test us all, I guess :-)

We have a bbq to go to this afternoon, and at this point I'm not sure if I'll get a workout in.

Yesterday I ran with the BOB for 35 minutes in the AM, and then lifted for 30 min at the gym. Then, around 5PM I picked Mike up from work and we put Logan in the backpack and went for a hike on the trails for 1.5 hours. Sooo...I got some good exercise in :-) Today I will try and get some stretching and pilates in. That will be good enough. I'd rather spend some time together with the fam since we don't do it often.

Still trying to find a 1/2 mary to run. I'll keep ya posted in what I decide to do.

Okay, and now off to make myself a bite to eat. Check you all later.

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  1. You definitely have a full plate w/ a spouse training for an IM! I did one years ago, but that was before kids...can't imagine doing it now. But you guys will work it all out, I'm sure!


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