Thursday, January 14, 2010

To be, or not to be, the size of a house?

So I am supposed to go to the gym now. (Supposed...?) Picked up Loge-meister from daycare and came back to the homestead for a bite to eat, and now I need to get my ass to the gym. It has been a month since I ran the 1/2...and to be honest I haven't done much running since. Time to get back on the train. I mean, a mile on the 'mill doesn't count I guess sooo....yeah. I want to get all ripped and in awesome shape and wooooo! Yeah. Still have some excess "stuff" on my belly. Just enough to annoy me. I haven't been trying all that hard in the eating department, meaning, I eat everything in sight. It's a terrible problem I have. But I love food so what can I say? Ah well, 6 months after having a baby and I'm in all my old clothes and look pretty damn near normal. Here's a plus: I still weigh less than I did in college when I was friggin' power-lifting for the ski team. At least I'm not lookin' like the house I was then. Well, not really a house... but still.

Guess I'll feed this child (the other, um, child) and gather him up to go play with his girlfriends at the gym while I hop on the running machine for a while.


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