Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Revel in the Simple Aspects of Life

Don't have much to say here...just goin' through the daily grind as usual. Yey for tomorrow being Thursday already.

Logan is just about ready to start crawling, although I feel like he's been ready for that for a few weeks now. He seems more interested in grabbing onto things and pulling himself up (or trying to). But still, I'll be in for it very soon when he no longer stays in a 10 square foot radius. He is getting so big! He seems different - acting/looking...everything. Silly little guy just plays and sits in his crib now and when I go in there in the AM (if I'm not waking him up to go to daycare), he is sitting there waiting for me! With a cute little smile saying "Morning Momma!" Unless he's hungry and pissed, and in that case he is crying, but still smiles when he realizes I am there to pick him up.

It's really amazing that this little person is growing and changing and I love that I get to see it all...and just watch in awe as he discovers new little things. What's funny is his personality is coming out, but when I look back at pics and videos of when he was first born, I can see those little traits were there even then.

So let's revel in the simplicities of life that give us joy, and truly realize that these things are the most important of all.

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